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Virtual development: Thanks to our experienced employees, highly productive 3D-CAD/CAM systems and simulation technologies we already know at an early stage which processes are necessary to obtain the ideal solution. This leads to planning reliability, cost savings and shorter development times. The direct and fast data exchange with our customers and business partners is of particular importance. Of course, our system has all common interfaces and supports all common formats.

:: Practice-orientated testing

In spite of all calculations and simulation technologies, a tangible prototype that can be tested thoroughly and practice-orientedly, has to be produced. On the basis of the CAD data and without intermediate steps, the BE-ALUSCHMIEDE calculates the CAM data, which will then be further processed in our cutting edge HSC-machines (High Speed Cutting).

:: Information becomes form

Our construction department guides you with a professional advisory service right from the planning stage to the end of the development stage. Subsequently, our in-house tool engineering department ensures the maximum possible flexibility and quality. The 3D data provided by you will be processed directly or designed in CAD. Optimizations and changes will be calculated and visualised promptly. After the handing over or generation of the CAM data, our machines will import them.

:: CNC die sinking machines (High Speed Cutting)

HSC mould milling guarantees highest repeat accuracy. The negative mould is placed directly in the tool. By means of special tool kits, BE-ALUSCHMIEDE manufactures precision forgings. The tolerances are far below those prescribed by the standard DIN EN 586.

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