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Hot forming,
the ideal procedure | 

Free of pores, and thus pressure-tight and high vacuum tight: aluminium forgings manufactured by BE-ALUSCHMIEDE are solid due to the fact that we optimise the fibre flow and other parameters already in an early stage of development.

BE-ALUSCHMIEDE is able to manufacture parts ranging from 5 g to 22 kg in all forgeable forging alloys.

:: Large quantities due to automation

By means of robots, we are able to clock the process flow precisely, to accelerate the speed and to manufacture large quantities on a sustained basis.

:: Manual work for individual demands

BE-ALUSCHMIEDE also manufactures precision parts for small series. The required flexibility and quality can only be achieved by the precision work of skilled specialists.

:: Difficult parts with an unequal mass distribution

In terms of high solidity and little weight, aluminium forgings are unbeatable. Therefore, we forge complex moulds, which at a first glance do not resemble forgings. The required form is manufactured in several steps with a forging die. Thus, we can create almost every desired form. Let us convince you!